Graphological Gender Testing
How to predict the sex of an unborn child?

gender test
Still too many sceptics cannot be convinced, that a person's handwriting can tell you all the secrets of her or his character. The human resources departments of modern industries are being unfairly ridiculed for applying graphology to the selection of good and loyal employees, as most applicants in job interviews try their best to hide their miserable intentions towards well intended companies.

Thus, only few benefit from the powers of graphology. But even the known potential of this great science still is not fully exploited. Graphology can also tell the gender of the unborn child from the handwriting of the expecting mother: Already as early as in 1987 the German Institute for Scientific Predictions announced, that the handwriting of a person can be used to determine the sex of her unborn child. This is very important, as knowing the child's gender is essential to make an informed decision wether to shop for pink or for light blue baby clothing.

Prediction of gender with guaranteed success! Based on ca. 10 lines written by the expecting mother we tell you the gender with 100% safety already in the 2nd month of pregnancy. The fee is only DM 150 [ca. US$ 70]. We guarantee to return the money in case our prediction was not correct.
Institute for Scientific Predictions, P.O.B. ....
In the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich, 1987/06/28, pg. 13) scientific graphology was advertised to become available for gender prediction.

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